Awards Structure

The North American Book Awards has chosen to move to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze standards format and judge books year-round. This will allow NABA to award book honors in a timely manner and without authors waiting months to hear the results of their entry.

Each book is judged by three professional judges who are selected for their expertise in particular genres.

Gold Medal Standard represents a standard of 90/100 points in a composite of judges’ scores.

Silver Medal Standard presents a standard of 80/100 points.

Bronze Medal Standard represents a standard of 70/100 points.

According to the Nautilus Awards founder, “Being a winner in a prestigious book awards contest gives your book a Seal of Excellence unequaled by other forms of media exposure. Neither reviews, nor articles, nor media interviews can compete with having written or published an ‘Award Winning Book,’ selected from several hundred or more competing titles.” 

We are very grateful for the volunteers, advisers, judges, authors, publishers, and other professionals who are involved with the North American Book Awards.